Monday, July 9, 2012

Duncan Hines Flavor Creations ~ Mocha

Here we are with another installment of
NaMe  that FLaVoR!

That would be Mocha, for $500 BoB...

I would put this one around the top.
It's one of the better flavors,
and it definitely has that CoFFee thing goin on.

Since The Turkish Mother and The SiSter Married to the Brother 
have birthdays, on the same EXACT day 
{for real, the Nerve!}
 this was the perfect opportunity to try this out. 

not only try out the new Flavor,
but the
CupCaKe pan...
Hells Yeah!
Square CupCakes.

 Take that all you Nerd NaySayers!

 Dinos LoVe them too.

Yes, I like this Flavor.
It's definitely in the Top 3.

The Familia really liked them too.


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