Thursday, July 5, 2012

Intex Easy Set PooL

This is the second SuMMeR that we have used this PooL brand.
For only $50 
{we bought ours at Academy Sports}
you really can't beat it.

THE BiGGeSST Problem:
It's an inflatable so poppage is a
never ending concern.
With a good patch system, 
it really isn't a problem.

By the end of the SuMMeR,
it was well used
so we just put it out.

This year
we bought the same one.
It's great for the kids
and for the adults too.

To maintain the water,
I would just use Bleach every other day.
Pour it in at Night,
by the time the Sun hits it,
it's crystal clear.

I would highly recommend buying the cover.
This year, we ran into the problem
of Cats deciding it was their water bowl.
um, No.

For $50 bucks a SuMMeR,
we still ran cheaper than going anywhere.

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