Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring makes offerings to the Garden...

My new plants for the Spring~

I'm verra excited about the Peach tree
Already daydreaming of glass jars filled with Jams and Spices ....

Pretty fired up about this Eastern Redbud too~
planted with the Future's future in plan and in sight.
The hope is when the day finally gets here and
we get to do put up the Window Walls for the back of the Humble Abode,
the Redbud will be in the view from the Master Bedroom and the Living Room.

I got my usual assortment of Morning Glories and MoOnVine....
a Southern staple if there ever was one.

We also replanted The Chook Man's Navel Orange tree.
The Fig and Lemon are progressing along nicely.
The Ginger is nice and big and established.
The Leeks are struggling through their replanting, but they're not dead so there's hope.

Of course, you can't forget the Inside~ my house LoVeS House Plants!

Our biggest job is going to be trimming up the trees this year.
Yeah, it's time, ugh.

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