Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Duncan Hines ChoCoLate MarShMaLLow frosting..

Here we are with another flavored segment from Duncan Hines.
The Chocolate Marshmallow.

It's a really soft chocolate flavor.
I was expecting a more Marshymallow flavor,
or even a more Vanilla flavor. 
To me it tastes like the regular chocolate from the can, just lighter. 

It is ExCeLLenT on the White cake.  

It was only so so on the Orange cake. 
The Orange cake itself was kind of bland, 
so I think that may have had something to do with.

I used 1 box of White and 1 box of Orange cake mix.
I used 1 can of Starter Frosting and 1 packet of Chocolate Marshmallow flavor.

It's a good basic ChoCoLaTe frosting that will go on any flavor of Cake.
Next up is the White Chocolate Raspberry  and the Cherry Vanilla.
It's already on the grocery list!

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