Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cheap and Easy Security for your house....

 Now that schools are opening everywhere,
and CoLLeges are back in session,
making sure the Kiddos are ok is very important.

Many will move into their own place;
many will come home to empty houses;
ALL of them need to be Safe.

When I was a single parent,
 I was terrified of middle of the night break ins.
I don't think I ever got a good nights sleep.
well, occasionally when peeps would crash at my place.
or the womb fruit would have a sleepover.
Anyhoo, besides always living in an upstairs apartment,
I would improvise for alarms and security systems
on my dOOrs and WindoWs.
You want anything
 that makes a lot of noise
with little movement,
such as a cheap wind chime.
Like the ones you get at Walgreens.

Wine glasses are excellent for windows,
especially the older wooden ones that have deep ledges.
I would set mine on the ledge so that if the window
opened, it would tip the glass over to fall on the floor.

Craft stores are FULL of noisy, tinkling BeLLs,
especially now with the HoHoHolidays gearing up.

Load up a string with tiny BeLLs

I had these strung across my sliding door
for my balcony patio.

Or just put a few of these bad boys on for noise!

I also find that the BeLL StriNgs
are the best for doOrs.

The wind chimes are especially helpful
on doOrs that you may not use that often.
Even now, married to a Copper,  I use this system.
Cause dog shift can make for a reallly long Night!

You just want something that will make enough noise
to give you a heads up, and a head start!

Just make sure that you rig it to be easily
removed if necessary.
I would use a small eye hooks,
which makes for ease when removing
and putting back,
all it will take is
ONE dinner party
or Kid Take!over,
for it to get annoying pretty quick!

These always brought me a little Peace of Mind
{still do}
and hopefully it will for you too.

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