Friday, May 4, 2012

Duncan Hine's White Chocolate Raspberry Frostings Creation flavo flave

Drum rolllll, Puhlease!

                                                                       yeah, that's it.

I'm actually on the fence about this one.
I'm not quite sure that the flava title matches the flava.
One thing I am definitely disappointed in is the CoLoR! 
The package has a somewhat brighter tone to it,
and the actual CoLoR is a muddied Lavendar Pink.
Enough to turn me off to buying it another time,
simply for the fact that I could sub with a White/VaniLLa frosting, RaSpBeRRy flavoring,
and my own foOd CoLoRing to get a better CoLor.

I used these with a White Cake and a Butter Chocolate Cake.
You're just going to have to go on your own personal preference for either White or Chocolate cake, because either one is perfect for this frosting.

I would recommend trying to this, at least once, and form you're own opinion.
And so we continue, pEEps, on the CupCake Whisperer's FlaVa Train adventure...
up next is Mocha


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